Water registration

Water intake is a good indicator of animal health. When an animal is not feeling well, feed intake may drop considerably, but the water intake will also drop slightly. Water recording quickly shows which animals do not feel well. Contrary to the feed intake, an animal will often continue to drink. This makes water the ideal medium to add nutrients that the animal needs during these stress periods.

Testing of liquid drinking water additives

The installation of Optimus® dosing modules gives the opportunity to add different products to the drinking water and compare them with normal tap water. A cleaning pump is used to clean the pipes with Aqua-clean®. After the dosing modules, we place our Optimixx®, which mixes the liquids well and also provides insight into the quality of the drinking water and the amount of contamination in the pipes.

Registering water intake per drinking nipple

Registering water by drinking nipple is not common on a commercial farm. however,In a testing environment this is desirable. With magnetic inductive or ultrasonic water meters, water intake per animal is a possibility. This provides insight into the temperature, as this can also affect drinking water quality and water intake. If you would like tailor-made advice, please contact us, we will be happy to think along with you!

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