Gut Health product


Strong resistance

What is it?

Nutrihealth-Forte is a liquid supplement, based on a combination of zinc chelates, lysine and methionine, that
provides maximum support during suboptimal circumstances and provides additional support to gut health.

Suboptimal circumstances can negatively impact technical performance, Nutrihealth-Forte can be used for a wide range of applications during these susceptible periods to maintain technical performance of the animals at the desired level.

Nutrihealth-Forte is effective in animals dealing with an impaired resistance. The zinc and copper minerals in Nutrihealth-Forte are chelated which ensures a better uptake by the intestines. Thanks to this unique formula, Nutrihealth-Forte supports overall animal health.

Directions for use

1.5 – 2 gallon Nutrihealth-Forte per 1000 gallon water.

Pump at 1:128. 120-160 oz per 5 gallons of stock solution.

Clean the drinking system with AgsanSoltm before using Nutrihealth- Forte. Stop with dosing Nutriperform V 12 hours before vaccination through drinking water.

Effects of Nutrihealth-Forte on the pig.

When to use?

  • Before and after weaning
  • In case of reduced resistance
  • In case of skin damage
  • During the mating period
  • As part of antibiotic reduction programs


  • Corrosive to galvanized and mild steel
  • Acidic: wear goggles and gloves when handling
  • For animal use only
  • Keep out of reach of children