Pigs performance

Improve the performance of your pigs

Because modern pig farming demands a lot from sows, fattening pigs and piglets, they sometimes need some extra nutritional support. You can provide that in the form of trace elements, minerals and vitamins. In liquid form, those are readily available to be absorbed and offer extra energy.

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Extra nutritional support

Every animal is different, and some just need a little extra to keep up with the rest. Or there is a period in which pressure to perform for your pigs are a bit higher and more energy is needed, e.g. at the end of gestation or after sickness. To prevent weight loss and provide those extra nutrients, you can give your pigs a boost with minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Liquid vitamins, minerals and trace elements

At Kanters, you find liquid blends with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and energy. In liquid form, those are more easily absorbed and used by the pig’s body than their solid counterparts. With our Performance supplements, you can either support your pigs structurally or in critical moments and in case of specific needs.

Nutriperform Pro

Nutritious energy booster.

Nutriperform V

Nutritious support.