Balance product

Nutribalance pH

Drinking water acidifier supporting digestion

What is it?

Nutribalance pH is a balanced mixture of organic acids, copper sulphate and zinc sulphate. The organic acids lower the pH, improving digestion of proteins and supporting the natural gastric barrier. The additional copper and zinc make a positive contribution to the animal’s resistance, making it more resistant to external influences. Zinc also plays an important role in the construction and activation of enzymes, in growth processes and the proper functioning of tissues and reproductive organs.

Therefore, Nutribalance pH is ideal to use in challenging periods, e.g. during diet changes or after vaccination. It helps to maintain a healthy gut and stimulates growth, so that the animal can keep up its high performance.

Directions for use

1 – 2 gallon Nutribalance pH per 1000 gallon water.
Pump at 1:128. 80-160 oz per 5 gallons of stock solution.

Dosage depends on pH of the drinking water after addition of the product. The pH value should be below 4, target pH is 3.8.

When to use?

  • During diet changes
  • To preserve drinking water
  • After vaccinations


  • Corrosive to galvanized and mild steel
  • Acidic: wear goggles and gloves when handling
  • For animal use only
  • Keep out of reach of children