Healthy animals provide joy and a healthy profit

Healthy Chicken is an innovative customised solution for work pleasure and convenience, animal health and yield. By using products in the drinking water with an optimal dosage technique, structural monitoring of the drinking water (system) and technical results, we can achieve the highest possible effect with the animals, so that convenience, work pleasure, welfare, health and yield are substantially improved.


What do we solve for you?

Achieving demonstrable results is only possible by continuously looking for improvements in practice. Together with you we determine the approach and come to a total solution that works for you. With Healthy Chicken we tackle questions such as: How do I reduce mortality, how do I optimise natural growth and how do I reduce the risk of infection on my farm?

How do we achieve this?

We are happy to come and visit you to determine what kind of contamination is in your water system and which Kanters products you can use to solve this problem.
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Work pleasure

Taking care of animals requires a lot of attention and knowledge, but regular care, mortality and illness also make it a physical profession. Reducing mortality and illness therefore directly contributes to the work pleasure of you and your employees, provided this is done efficiently.

In addition to setting up and complying with a step-by-step plan and tools, we also build in regular checkpoints so that operational safety is guaranteed. Guidance and implementation by Kanters will consist of a number of fixed visits per year, customised technical support and joint care for an optimal stable environment. In addition, structural (water) monitoring with the Aqua Analyser Pro plays a major role in keeping the water quality at the required level.

Structural water monitoring

In addition to liquid feed supplements and cleaning and disinfection products, we also offer structural water monitoring. In order to realise our approach to less antibiotic use, better animal health and animal welfare, we also offer structural water analysis. Together with the farmer, we look at the water quality with our Aqua Analyser Pro. With our water monitoring system, it is easy to improve and maintain the quality of the drinking water in your barns.

Save up to 25% on drinking water additions. Fluctuating water pressure in drinking water pipes is a common phenomenon, but not everyone is aware of it. In most cases, fluctuating water pressure can be traced back to the water system or the barn occupancy. In addition, the time of day when feeding can also lead to peak consumption. Frequently mentioned consequences of these pressure fluctuations are a fluctuating water intake, air entering your pipes, wet stables and clogged drinking nipples. In addition, fluctuating water pressure leads to over- or under-dosing of additives. With the patented Optimus® dosing module, you will overcome these dosing problems and achieve an optimum result in your barn.

Animal health

We cover the entire (drinking) water process from source to end. We look at how clean your water lines are, how you can further optimise your product use and we support you in using the correct dosing technique. In addition, we offer a customised solution in the event of slime and contamination in the drinking system:

A hygienic environment is essential for successful business operations. Bacteria, yeasts and moulds are potential threats to both animal health and business results. Both the water from the source and the water lines can be a hotbed of pathogenic organisms. These organisms can form biofilms. Clean drinking water is therefore, just like good farm hygiene, the first step towards a healthy living environment. Our hygiene products help you to create and maintain this healthy environment.

Every company and every situation is different. With our agricultural background, we know the daily challenges that livestock farmers face from our own practical experience. We give you advice on the acidification of drinking water, cleaning in case of blockage or maintaining the quality of drinking water. We also guide you in the use of our products.


The key to achieving an optimal operating result is a good balance between carefully composed products and using those products at the right time. In this way, we steer together towards greater convenience, better animal health, work pleasure and higher profits.


Apart from the financial returns, healthier pigs are not only socially desirable; less mortality also directly results in more work pleasure. With the right balance between costs and returns, it is possible to achieve and maintain a healthy profit in a financially responsible way.

Product solutions for your challenges

Healthy Chicken

Kanters has developed products for every animal species and housing environment to promote the health of your animals. Click below for more information on the products and download our research reports for more background information on their use and effect.


The standard in water line cleaning.


Safe and healthy hatching hygiene.


The new pH reducer and descaler.

Nutribalance Ultimate

The most effective drinking water acidifier

Nutribalance pH

Supports digestion.


Fresh breathing.


Optimal gut flora.