Organic acids preserve nutrients

Organic acids are perfect for preventing premature fermentation of nutrients and ensuring that the feed retains its nutritional value. This way, the ration is protected against heating and keeps its tastiness.

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Cows eat more tasty feed

High ambient temperatures can help yeasts and molds to multiply, resulting in heating of the silage or other feed. Heating is quite easy to recognize: in the morning, steam may rise from the feed, and it is also measurable by thermometer. Heating causes the feed to lose its nutrients and taste. Your cows take in less feed and nutrients, which leads to a lower milk yield or even health-related issues.

Prevent feed losses

Acidifying feed inhibits the growth of yeasts and molds, and limits feed and production losses caused by heating. Kanters’ Nutripreserve range contains organic acid mixtures that protect your silage from losing its nutritional value and keep it tasty. Nutripreserve can easily be added to the silage via the feed mixer.

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