Cattle hygiene

Drinking water hygiene means a healthy profit

Contaminated drinking water will damage your cows’ health and performance: cows start to drink less and may ingest pollution. This leads to slow animals, diarrhea and low production. After all, drinking enough water is essential for producing a lot of milk! Cleaning the drinking water lines frequently will therefor get you closer to achieving a healthy profit.

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Water hygiene, part of farm hygiene

Animal health is immensely impacted by environmental hygiene. You probably have protocols in place to create a clean barn, but do they include cleaning the drinking water system? Polluted drinking water negatively affects cow health and lowers production. Animals drink twice as much as they eat, so it is vital that not only enough but also clean drinking water is available. Kanters offers products that help you keep your farms drinking water system clean.

Causes and solutions

High temperatures, low water flow rate, bad water system design … many factors influence drinking water quality. Luckily you can take measures with Kanters’ products. Systematic cleaning is the best solution for maintaining clean drinking water. On top of that, good water hygiene also prevents wear and tear on equipment.


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