Pigs gut health

Optimum intestinal health for a good yield

Environmental changes can be challenging for pig health, especially their intestinal health and thus often results in diarrhea. Supporting the gastrointestinal tract with minerals like zinc or copper helps pigs to use nutrients as efficiently as possible and keeps them healthy.

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An unhealthy gut means unhealthy pigs

Modern pig farming demands the utmost from animals. Small disruptions like feed changes can have major consequences and disrupt the intestines. This can allow bacteria into the bloodstream, causing slow pigs, diarrhea and mortality. Keeping the intestinal wall and intestinal flora in good condition counters this. This way, your pigs stay healthy and the yield of your farm increases.

Zinc and copper chelates for a healthy gut

Zinc and copper chelates are the solution for good intestinal health. Kanters has developed drinking water supplements with zinc and/or copper chelates and organic acids. These help keeping your pigs healthy, which reduces antibiotic use.


Strong immune system.


Optimal gut flora.


Excellent intestinal system