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What is chickpaper?

More than 30 years ago Kanters invented chickpaper in our own broiler houses. The idea is simple: paper with high rustling properties is put under each drinking line. As soon as the day old chicks walk on the paper they are attracted by its sound. This makes that all the day old chicks are guided to the water and start drinking within 4 hours after arrival! By putting feed on the paper, not only the water is found but the broilers also have easy access to the feed. Kanters chickpaper has a high absorbency for the first secretions.

Finding of water and feed in the first hours is vitally important

The start of day old chicks has a big influence on health, growth and further development during production. Water is the first vital necessity of life. When an animal starts drinking, it also starts to digest feed. The sooner water and feed are found the better. This will lead to lower mortalities, improved overall health and uniformity and weight gain.

When to use?

  • For the best start of day old chicks
  • To promote feed and water intake at arrival
  • To save labour and reduce stress for broilers (no need to remove paper)

Application of chickpaper

Put Kanters chickpaper under all drinking lines and spread some feed on top. Make sure the chickpaper isn’t exactly in the middle under the drinking line to prevent the feed from getting wet. It isn’t required to remove the paper from the houses because its completely bio-degradable. The higher the air humidity, the faster the paper will disintegrate.

Many trials have shown that 24 to 27 inch is the ideal width:

  • Smaller or wider doesn’t give an equal spread throughout the shed.
  • Smaller means less space to spread the feed and spillage can easily occur. Above that pecking order will appear and weaker day old chicks cannot fulfil their demand.

Specifications and packaging

Chickpaper is available in 3 types:

 Horka® 100Horka® 200 Poultry Paper
oz/sq ft0.1410.1340.118
DegradabilityWithin 7 daysWithin 4 daysWithin 3 days
Size of roll25.98 inch x 328 feet25.98 inch x 656.16 feet25.98 inch x 524.93 feet
Rolls per box625
Feet per box1968.50 feet1312 feet2624.67 feet
Boxes per pallet304530
Feet per pallet59040 feet59040 feet78740.1 feet