Pigs balance

Organic acids for balanced pigs

Organic acids are perfect drinking water additives to support your pigs, either structurally or during critical moments like starting up or feed changes. This way, an optimal balance between beneficial and pathogenic bacteria is maintained, and your pigs are less likely to get sick and need antibiotics. After all: prevention is better than cure.

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Support digestion for healthy pigs

For pigs to perform optimally, whether that is by raising piglets or growing, they should be able to take up as many nutrients as possible from their diet. Therefore their digestion should be top-notch. If this is not the case, pigs can become lethargic and get diarrhea. Luckily, supporting digestion is very easy to do by providing organic acid mixtures via the drinking water.

Organic acids boost animal health

The high stocking densities in modern farm can lead to a high disease pressure and less healthy pigs. The stomach is one of the first protective barriers an animal has, as it kills off bacteria in its acidic environment. Organic acids make sure the stomach stays acidic enough to do that. On top of killing bacteria, the high acidity level promotes protein digestion and provides drinking water conservation. Moreover, Kanters’ buffered and unbuffered organic acid mixtures contain extra minerals to boost your animals’ health.

Nutribalance pH

Supports digestion.

Nutribalance Premium

Good digestion.

Nutribalance Ultimate

The most effective drinking water acidifier