Drinking water solutions

Pigs keep drinking at least twice as much as they eat, even when they are not feeling well. Hygienic and healthy drinking water is therefor of the utmost importance. On top of that, it is the perfect way to support their health, resulting in lower antibiotic use and better farm outputs. Discover all the solutions Kanters offers for drinking water for pigs!

Total drinking water solutions for pigs

Our drinking water solutions help you with tackling issues like low growth and feed conversion, bad intestinal health and high mortality, all without adding antibiotics to your practices.

Steer for optimal results

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Drinking water hygiene

Optimal drinking water hygiene is the basis for success. Always bacteria-free water and no more blocked drinking nipples.
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Reliable and accurate dosing is decisive for the result. Based on many years of practical experience, we have developed our own dosing technology.
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A good intestinal balance ensures reliable results. How do you best keep intestinal health in balance?
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You can promote animal welfare in various ways. These solutions support water and feed intake.
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Gut health

Reduce antibiotic use by providing support at critical moments. Timely and effective intervention gives excellent results.
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Healthy animals perform optimally. Our performance products promote ROI. Do you also want to get the most out of your animals?
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Healthy Pig

Healthy animals provide and a healthy profit. Healthy Pig is our program for total care of your sow, piglet and hog health

What are you looking for?

We are happy to help you with customised advice. On the basis of a farm analysis, we guide you in the use of our solutions. Careful, involved and result-oriented.
Together towards a healthy result.

Antibiotic reduction

Healthy pigs do not need antibiotics. Our solutions support resistance and intestinal health.

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Sow fertility

As a pig farmer you invest a lot of time and resources in optimising your sows’ fertility. Want to know what solutions Kanters has for you?


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Increased mortality

Reduce the mortality rate among your pigs with Kanters. To keep your pigs healthy it’s important to give them plenty of clean drinking water.

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Optimal growth

The average growth of fatteners in the Netherlands in 2017 was 810 grams per animal per day. Want to know how you can increase this?

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Reduce Salmonella infections

Kanters has developed a Salmonella prevention plan to systematically tackle Salmonella with a checklist.

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Reduce weaning diarrhea

Support intestinal health in piglets and ensure trouble-free weaning.


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More than just drinking water solutions for pigs

In addition to our drinking water solutions, we also offer solutions for the preservation of by-products, liquid feed and hygiene agents.


Solutions for respiratory support

Our most popular solutions for pigs


The standard in water line cleaning.

Nutribalance Ultimate

The most effective drinking water acidifier.


Excellent intestinal system

Tailored solutions for you as pig farmer

In our product catalogue you will find the different solutions Kanters offers for the challenges of the pig farmer.