Hygiene product


Safe and healthy hatching hygiene

Importance of a hygienic hatcher

Microbial contamination of hatching eggs is a major concern for chicken hatcheries, as it decreases hatching percentage and chick performance. To support the health of newly hatched chicks, the environment of the hatching
eggs needs to be disinfected. This is most commonly done in the last few days before hatching.

Hatch-green is an effective way to disinfect eggs: it has excellent antimicrobial qualities and no toxic decomposition residues. Therefore, Hatch-green is the safe solution to replace toxic formaldehyde and ethylene oxide that are still common for sterilization of hatcheries.

What is Hatch-green?

Hatch-green is a patented system that evaporates AgsanSol to disinfect the air in hatchers during the hatching window. AgsanSol is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The combination with the Hatchclean evaporation unit ensures a clean environment for
hatching eggs.

Hatch-green is a safe alternative for formaldehyde. It is commonly known that formaldehyde is carcinogenic and causes headaches to hatchery staff. By replacing
formaldehyde with Hatch-green, hatcheries can now offer their personnel a safe and healthy working environment.

Working mechanism

Hatch-green uses a stabilized hydrogen peroxide solution (AgsanSol), fumigated through a microfibre sleeve, and stabilized by a Kanters drip tray. By placing the microfibre sleeve into the AgsanSol can, it will automatically take up a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide.

The Hatch-green system is then placed inside the hatcher, preferably close to the fan. By controlled heating inside the hatcher, hydrogen peroxide is fumigated into the air. The airflow created by the fans will spread the hydrogen peroxide through the whole hatcher to disinfect the air surrounding the eggs. The automatic dosing, reusability and its endurance makes Hatch-green an easy-to-use and sustainable solution for fumigation of hatching eggs.


  • During the hatching window
  • 1 system per hatch box
  • 0,25 gallon per round
  • Clean the Hatch-green unit and
    sleeve with plenty of water after each hatching cycle