Poultry performance

Improve the performance of your chickens

During stressful periods, chickens may eat less and need some extra nutritional support. Fortunately, they keep drinking and you can provide trace elements, minerals and vitamins in the drinking water. In liquid form, those are readily available to be absorbed and offer extra energy.


Extra nutritional support

During specific production periods, chickens may need some extra nutrition. But also stress, illness or even a course of antibiotics can increase an animal’s need for feed. Unfortunately, chickens often start eating less then. Luckily they keep drinking. To prevent weight loss, you can provide your chickens with liquid minerals, vitamins and trace elements via the drinking water.

Liquid vitamins, minerals and trace elements

At Kanters, you find liquid blends with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and energy. In liquid form, those are more easily absorbed and used by the chicken’s body than their solid counterparts. With our Performance supplements, you can either support your chickens structurally or in critical moments and in case of specific needs.

Nutriperform Pro

Nutritious energy booster.

Nutriperform V

Nutritious support.