Cattle care

Hoof health: supporting your cows’ footing

Claw problems are more prevailing than often thought and have far-reaching implications. Lameness causes a drop in milk production and is one of the most common reasons for culling. Preventing hoof problems is always better than curing them, and with Kanters’ products this is possible in a healthy and safe way.

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The cost of bad claw health

Good claw health is the basis for a good milk yield. Lame cows have difficulty reaching the feed fence, eat less and have a lower milk yield. On top of that, they cost more money in treatments. Directly or indirectly, this makes claw problems one of the main reasons for culling a cow. Keeping the hooves in good condition is therefore essential.

Healthy solutions for healthy hooves

Kanters has come up with a structural solution to prevent hoof problems that is free of antibiotics, formalin and copper sulphate: Exolium Hoofcare. These products are antibiotic-free, adhere well and are safe for humans and animals.

Hoofstar Clear

Healthy claws through group application.

Hoofstar Mix

Healthy hooves by preventive group application.

Hoofstar Gel

Healthy claws through individual application.