Drinking water systems

We aim to provide clean and healthy drinking water to all animals in intensive livestock farming. To achieve this, we offer practical and sustainable solutions that contribute to pleasure and ease of work. Ensuring good drinking water quality and accurate administration of nutritional supplements are central to this.

Drinking water systems

A unique combination of techniques in one system

The drinking water system is a combination of innovative techniques that offers total control over the quality of your animals’ drinking water. The PurAqua® water filter protects the system against gross contamination, the Optimus® doses liquids extremely accurately into the drinking water and the Optimixx® mixes them into the water and gives you insight into the degree of any contamination.

Plug & play

The system is assembled on a water-resistant plastic panel measuring 120×80 cm. This makes transport on a pallet very easy. All that is required for installation is an interruption of the drinking water supply and power supply. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a reel containing two hoses. One hose that you can use as a bypass and one hose through which you can easily drain the filter rinsing water.

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