Hygiene product


The new pH reducer and descaler

Directions for use

Removing scale and mineral without animals present

  1. Fill the system with 10 – 30 gallon MinexSol™ per 1000 gallon water
    (160 – 490 fluid ounce per gallon stock solution, pump on 1:128)
  2. Touch all nipples so MinexSol™ can enter
  3. Circulate the solution through the system, where possible
  4. Thoroughly flush system with fresh water
  5. Retouch all nipples

Conditioning water

  1. Determine initial pH using test equipment
  2. Reduce pH of water to the desired level, by adding MinexSol™
  3. Re-test pH to check final results

For the best results use MinexSol™ after AgsanSol™ is used to remove the heavy deposits from
the water system.