About Kanters

Healthy Together

Kanters is your water expert and knowledge partner regarding drinking water in the livestock sector. We specialize in drinking water hygiene, liquid nutritional supplements and drinking water management to support animal health without antibiotics. Together with you, we improve your farm profits in a sustainable way.

Your drinking water expert

Animals consume at least twice the amount of water as they eat feed. When ill or stressed, animals will lower their feed intake, but continue to drink. This is why water is the perfect medium to support animal health. Improving drinking water quality and adding liquid nutritional supplements are the key elements in this formula. To ensure good drinking water quality and accurate administration of disinfectants, organic acids and nutritional supplements, we manufacture practical and sustainable techniques that contribute to pleasure and ease of work.

Kanters Health Concept

We offer solutions for a wide range of issues and goals. Our innovative products make a positive contribution to restoring animal health, reducing antibiotic use and improving your technical business results.


Originally, Kanters is a Dutch family business that started out as a broiler farm. For more than 35 years, Kanters has had innovative ideas about promoting animal health and reducing antibiotic use via drinking water. By now, Kanters’ business has expanded to 70 countries all over the world, with foreign branches in Italy and the U.S.A.

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“Healthy Together” is our motto. As a specialist in liquid and technical drinking water applications that support animal health, we contribute to sustainability, better welfare and a higher profit.


We aim to be a leading company in developing sustainable liquid and technical applications in the agricultural sector that improve health, welfare and farm profits.

Quality and innovation

Thanks to our history in agriculture and years of experience, we have grown into an experienced knowledge partner that is greatly appreciated worldwide. Application of our innovative products has provided higher returns for agricultural businesses. By bringing together practical knowledge and the ongoing trends and developments in the agricultural sector, we develop new products that improve animal health and farm results even more.

Kanters service

With our products, you always get appropriate technical advice and proper guidance. To achieve a healthy revenue together with you, we look at which product best suits your situation and we draw up a tailor-made health program after performing a farm analysis. Curious about what we can do for you? Then get in touch with us!