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Fresh breathing

What is it?

Respisol™ is a natural product based on essential oils. Respisol™ is a water dissolvable solution which can be
applied in drinking water or by spray application.

Directions for use

Via drinking water:
0,2 gallon per 1000 gallon drinking water.
16 fluid ounce per 5 gallon stock solution (pump on 1:128).

Via mist or fogging system:
2 gallon per 1000 gallon water for 2-4 times per day usage. Apply for 2-4 consecutive days.

The required amount of Respisol™ can be mixed with lukewarm water up to 104°F (40°C).

When to use?

  • For easy breathing
  • Enlightening after vaccination
  • During heat challenge

Fresh breathing

  • Synergistic blend of essential oils
  • For use during periods of heat challenge
  • Aids after vaccinations
  • Fits well into antibiotic reduction programs
  • Enlightening effect on breathing