Poultry hygiene

Drinking water hygiene: essential for a healthy profit

Pollution in the drinking lines is detrimental for your chickens’ health and performance: they start to drink less and may ingest the pollution. This leads to weak animals, wet manure and low production. Cleaning the drinking water lines regularly is thus essential. This will get you closer to achieving a healthy profit.

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Farm hygiene includes water hygiene

Environmental hygiene greatly impacts animal health. Farm hygiene protocols are often in place to create a clean environment, but they do not always include hygiene of the drinking water system. That while polluted drinking water negatively affects poultry health and even increases mortality. As animals drink twice as much as they eat, it is crucial that not only enough but especially clean drinking water is available. At Kanters you find products that help you keep your farms drinking water system clean.

Causes and solutions

High temperatures, low water flow rate, drinking water additives … there are many factors affecting drinking water quality. Luckily you can take control with Kanters’ products. Regular cleaning is the only solution for maintaining clean drinking water. On top of that, good water hygiene is not only important for animal health, but also for preventing wear and tear on equipment.


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