Pigs hygiene

Clean drinking water: essential for a healthy profit

Clogged drinking nipples? Murky water? Pigs that drink less? Then it is high time to clean your farm’s drinking water system. Pollution in the drinking lines is detrimental for your pigs health and performance. Cleaning the drinking water lines regularly will therefor get you one step ahead in achieving a healthy profit.

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Drinking water hygiene is farm hygiene

Animal health is largely determined by environmental hygiene. Farm hygiene protocols are widely practiced to create a healthy living environment, but the hygiene of the drinking water system is often neglected. That while contaminated drinking water can negatively affect pig health and even increase mortality rate. As water is the most essential nutrient for animals, it is crucial that not only enough but especially clean drinking water is available. At Kanters you find products that help you keep your farms drinking water system clean.

Causes and solutions

High temperatures, low water flow rate, additives to the drinking water … there are countless causes for poor drinking water quality. The important part is that you can take countermeasures with Kanters’ products. Regular cleaning is the only solution for maintaining clean drinking water. On top of that, good water hygiene is not only important for animal health, but also for preventing wear and tear on equipment.


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