Good intestinal health for a good profit

Small disruptions in the environment can already challenge poultry health. Especially the intestines may be affected, making them less functional and resulting in wet droppings and litter. Supporting the gastrointestinal tract helps chickens to digest nutrients as efficiently as possible and supports their overall health.

Pluimvee - Darmgezondheid - Bij Uitdaging-min

Unhealthy guts mean unhealthy chickens

Poultry farming nowadays demands the utmost from animals. Small disturbances like feed changes can have major consequences and interrupt the intestinal function. Because of this, bacteria could enter the bloodstream, causing weak chickens, diarrhea, weak eggs and mortality. You can limit these effects by keeping the intestinal wall and intestinal flora in good condition. This way, your chickens stay healthy without adding antibiotics to your practice.

Copper chelates for a healthy gut flora

Copper chelates support the intestinal flora. Kanters has developed drinking water supplements with copper chelates and organic acids. These help keeping your poultry healthy, which reduces antibiotic use.


Optimal gut flora.