Optimixx® is ideal for doing a simple visual check on the drinking water line and thereby gaining insight into the degree of contamination. Optimixx® allows you to actually see what is happening inside the pipe. The material of the Optimixx® has a slightly coarse structure, making pollution and biofilm adhere faster. With this simple visual check, it is now possible to get a quick insight into the quality of your animals’ drinking water.

Optimixx static mixer drinking water quality

The solution to prevent clogged drinking nipples

Contamination in drinking water lines is often hard to see. You usually only find out when drinking nipples get clogged and the animals are left without clean drinking water. Not only is this detrimental for animal health, but it also takes a huge amount of time and energy to fix this problem. Again, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and the solution is simple: Optimixx®!

Mix it up!

Optimixx® also ensures proper mixing of liquids. This creates an optimum distribution of the product in the drinking water, so all animals get an equal amount of additives. The Optimixx® is fitted with a 3-part coupling on both sides, making dismantling and cleaning easy.

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