Boost your cows’ performance

A lot is asked of a dairy cow. Besides producing milk, a cow also has to recover from and prepare for a gestation period. During these demanding, she may need some extra nutrients. In liquid form, those are readily available to be absorbed and offer extra energy.

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Extra nutritional support

Performance of your cows is directly related to the dry period and the start-up phase. These require a lot from your cows. Structural nutritional support prepares them for these periods and corrects deficits caused by a lower feed intake in case of already existing problems. This prevents your cows from burning up body reserves and falling into a negative energy balance.

Liquid vitamins, minerals and trace elements

During the transition period, cows need extra minerals, trace elements, vitamins and energy. If they do not get those, production results can dwindle. You can avert inadequate performance of your livestock, deteriorating health and poor technical results by providing Kanters’ Nutriforte: supplements with vitamins, energy, trace elements and extra minerals complemented with organic acids. This complete mix ensures that cows receive extra energy to get them through the transition period.

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