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Our focus is on clean drinking water and precision dosing. To achieve this, we offer practical and sustainable solutions that contribute to pleasure and ease of work.

Clean drinking water for healthy animals

The hygiene of drinking water strongly determines animal health. Therefore, clean drinking water is vital for healthy and well performing livestock. Healthy animals also need less antibiotics and perform better. Moreover, you can also use drinking water very easily to support animal health with liquid supplements.

That’s why at Kanters Animal Health LLC., we focus on drinking water hygiene, dosing technology and liquid supplements. Water is the perfect medium to support animal health because animals continue to drink at least twice as much as they eat when faced with challenging conditions.


Next to antibiotics reduction, there are many more benefits to adding supplements via the drinking water:

Sick animals keep drinking

Illness often results in a reduced feed intake, while the water intake remains high. This makes it easier to support sick animals via the drinking water.

Intervene quickly and adequately

Adding liquid feed supplements to the drinking water allows you to intervene quickly and adequately. Nutrition via drinking water is easily absorbed and quickly available.

Determine the period of use yourself

You determine the period of use. With one simple action, you can stop or continue using the product.

Dose stables and sections separately

You can support animals in each house or compartment separately. When you add additives to the feed, separate dosing is not possible.

Supplement the ration

By adding minerals and vitamins to the drinking water, it is easy to complement the ration. Animals get the nutrients they need at the right time.

Use both preventively and acutely

Liquid complementary feeding stuffs can be used both preventively and in situations where immediate action is required.

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Drinking water hygiene

Optimal drinking water hygiene is the basis for success. Always bacteria-free water and no more blocked drinking nipples.
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Reliable and accurate dosing is decisive for the result. Based on many years of practical experience, we have developed our own dosing technology.
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A good intestinal balance ensures reliable results. How do you best keep intestinal health in balance?
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You can promote animal welfare in various ways. These solutions support water and feed intake.
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Gut health

Reduce antibiotic use by providing support at critical moments. Timely and effective intervention gives excellent results.
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Healthy animals perform optimally. Our performance products promote ROI. Do you also want to get the most out of your animals?
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darmgezondheid, kanters, health concept
prestatie, kanters, health concept
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We have more than 35 years experience in over 70 countries all around the world. Our products are based on research, developed in practice and extensively tested by veterinarians, nutritionists and farmers themselves.


Excellent personal support and tailor-made advice.


Realising objectives together and going for the maximum return.


Continuous development of new solutions for efficiency, animal health and ease of work.

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Extensive research proves the effectiveness of our products.